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One of my pickups is dented because my friend shot it with a BB gun and I've got a HUGE dent on the top side... and I have no idea where that came from.
Other than that, I've got a billion dents on the upper wing of the V becuase I always hit it on stuff and the headstock. Most the screws are pretty rusted, and the bridge pup is starting to rust.
a couple of scratchs and dents. i like to wave mine around and pretend im famous
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My V has a chip in the finish right along the inside of the left leg. And it has the normal rust, etc that an early 80s guitar with gold hardware would have.
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I don't pride myself in breaking my guitars, i would imagine it comes with a lot of age and use but i don't like it getting a little beat up, looks naff.
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i take good cares of my guitars.. well not just guitars, but pretty much anything i own. but when i'm not playing my guitar, they are always in the case, so they are in like mint condition.
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my SG has a few nicks and dents in it, swamp ash is a very fragile wood and the cellulose finish is wafer thin.
Just a couple of small dents and scratches to the wood, apart from that, good condition.
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a couple chips in the Dean, but nothing major so it's cool with me
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A few nicks and dents o_O
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I try to take EXTREMELY good care of mine, but back in my n00b13t days, I wore that real spiky Metallica belt buckle... it scratched the back pretty good. Most of it came out though. It also has a very small blemish on the headstock where I pushed it into a door other than that, it's in pretty good condition.
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My SG is pretty dinged up. My PRS and Epiphone are nigh-flawless, though.

I really want a battered guitar. I saw the most perfect Les Paul a while back - a bruised, battered 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard. It was the heaviest god damn guitar I have ever held, but it played and sounded divine. Its finish was falling off and it was dented all to hell, but its imperfections only gave it more mojo.

I prefer messed-up guitars, if you can't tell.
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I prefer beat up guitars. Makes them look awesome IMO. But my LTD is dingled up and the paint chipped a bit in the back and my Strat I haven't even had for a whole week so that's in pretty good condition.
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my stagg super strat= pretty beat up but she was second hand and i have reliced it.

my newly bought early 80's vantage= VERY beaten up but i love it to pieces so its all cool, it has the classic inch and a half by an inch an a half wear through on the back from belt buckles and other implements its missing a machinehead plus it has hundreds of dents, dings and scratches but it is pretty old and has been to hell and back so she's my baby

(yes both my guitars are female think of how many times you have wanted to play two beautiful females instantly one after the other and get a different but incredible sound from each)

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Thread title.
One of my pickups is dented because my friend shot it with a BB gun and I've got a HUGE dent on the top side... and I have no idea where that came from.
Other than that, I've got a billion dents on the upper wing of the V becuase I always hit it on stuff and the headstock. Most the screws are pretty rusted, and the bridge pup is starting to rust.

My Epiphone Special II plays well, but has some dings and dents because honestly I could care less about that thing. I'm probably gonna cover it in stickers sometime or spray paint a cool design on it.

My Epiphone SG custom is in the condition that I bought it in. I have taken care of that thing so well. It does have a hairline crack in the body because it fell off the wall in the store, so they discounted it a ton. I got an $800 guitar for $180.

My Ovation Ultra 1527 Acoustic Electric is in perfect condition except for a little discoloration on the binding, but thats not an issue in my mind.


My Johnson Acoustic is a 3/4 size guitar that I'm probably gonna smash at a gig sometime. The bridge is almost completely pulled away from the body and the neck is warped.
Most of my guitars are in excellent condition, the neck of my RG570 cracked real bad because I was too drunk and dropped it one night, and I beat the hell out of one of my basses for the fun of it; drug it across driveways, carved into it with stuff, etc.
A few scratches from my pick, very minor. I'm not a retard with something as important as my guitar.


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My Epi LP has 2 pretty big chips on the body and 1 on the headstock.. Why didn't I buy straplocks
This thread is worthless without pics.
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This thread is worthless without pics.

Of ours, or just in general?

Fuck it. Guitar porn time:

my strat has a fairly deep scratch about 4 inches, 2 very deep dents, and the acoustic is dented and scratched to Hell...
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not that bad. It's got some chipped paint and a couple dents, but the finish is thicker than a brick so it's not that noticeable.

And concerning guitars in general, shitty ones, both aesthetically and otherwise, are more comfortable, but I wouldn't treat anything over $500 like crap....
my Epiphone G400 67 custom shop (full pickguard, so scratched from picking it needs replacing, wine red finish) has been knocked around a fair bit, mainly cos when I brought it to my friends house his stupid gf kept knocking it over... I swear i wanted to bludgeon her with it each time, but imo even this cheapest guitar of mine is still a damn sight prettier than her (though my friend might disagree)... Two fingernail sized knocks on the back of the neck, one near the nut, one near the 12th.

I also have hit its headstock 3 or 4 times just on small things, more like lovetaps. It's also fallen forward off its stand once, with no visible damage to speak of from that or my headstock 'lovetapping'.

With a lovely Schecter now, the g400 is my crash-and-bash guitar, yet I always feel hurt inside when it cops a hit for some reason...too sentimental!

Yay for the guitar prr0n!
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My epi has a chip in the volume pot and a couple of scratches.I bought it second hand and the previous owner wore a belt so it's got 'that' mark.
My washburn has rusted parts and everything on it its dull and dusty (except for the sound).
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Haha, my LP is ****ed up pretty much everywhere except no belt buckle marks (I wear my guitar too low) the biggest scary on my baby is the giant V on the neck because the headstock snapped off, **** standard strap buttons. but she looks damn sexy now
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i caught my dog gnawing on my V. chipped the paint and everything.

although it just gives it character.
my strat has a headstock nick, rusty bridge (trem) and rusty pickups. body is in perfect condition. what can i say, it's condition is pretty good for a 5+ year old guitar

my jaguar has a slight nick at the headstock, slighly rusted pickups and a small paint nick at the bottom due to the strap giving way 5mins before my first show. i don't mind the rust, though, it gives a slight vintagey look to it.

my tele is in perfect mint condition. with exception to extremely slight oxidation on the bridge (i live in extremely humid weather.tropics)
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Yeah, I always think that guitars in shops look "souless" they need to be worn in a bit... like shoes
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Guitars are meant to be used and in with that comes dings and dents. A perfect guitar is so not rock 'n roll :P
The back of my epi LP is pretty scratched, belt and stuff. Other that that just some minor dents; I like to do an Angus Young act sometimes...


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My main guitars are full of dents and dings. My blue Dean has knocked into so many bass players' headstocks, so many symbals, so many walls.

It gives it mojo though.
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Only a squier, but it's in pretty damn good nick. Only a few minor scratches from the stand, but they're on the botton and hidden by the strap.
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My guitars are not beat up at all. My Les Paul has some scratches/dents on the head, but that's it.
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i dropped my first electric guitar, it has three huge chips underneath and on the horns. Many pick scratchs on the finish and many unknow dents.

Also many buckle nicks on the back and many black streaks on the pickguard. Brige is rusty, pickups rusty, screws rusty, frets dull, headstock worn..

basically everything one would expect from an old guitar o.0
My Horizon is in OK condition, but there are many small scratches that you only see if you put a strong light onto it
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My Les Paul is fairly beat up, still in good playable condition though.

And my cheap-ass telecasters in a terrible mess.. but then it was bought for the purpose of smashing up, fixing, then smashing up.. etc.
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