Hey guys, some of you may have seen my other posts for my band, Wilshire. But each time we get a new song down, I always post it here, I love hearing what you guys have to say. It has a lot to do with how I clean up the songs, and changes i can make. The new song, "satellites" is kinda a branch out for us, we went a couple different directions. Please take a listen, leave a comment, and a link for you music so I can do the same!


pro sounding recording! real drums i asume? i like the tone on the guitars!
Nice vocals, imo singing seems to be a bit of a lost art nowadays so props to you.
Yeah, the drums are real. and believe it or not..we have 1 drum mic haha. so it takes some careful placement and eq'ing to get a decent sound. and thanks guys
first things i noticed is the vocals! fantastic!

generally the mix is a bit muddy... tbh i have no idea about eq's so i cant really help there. but with this cleaned up u would have a great demo!

really liking the song. like the keyboard/synth in the back. really makes it.

and again the vocals! wow! haha. the guitar riffing has got that velvet revolver hint to it.

personally i think the small guitar solo to the end would do with a boost. add a tubescreamer to it or something? hmm.

nice one!


Nice intro, espeshilly when the full band kicks in.
Fantastic vocals and nice use of reverb.

Im really struggeling to find anything I would change. Perhaps, if im being picky, the drums could be a little clearer. Though I reallise it is difficult to get good souning drums on an amature recording.

Keep up the good work. I actually wish I could put this on my mp3 player.

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Wow I am surprised you got that drums sound with one mic. Obviously, they could use some tightening up sound-wise but given what you have props anyway. The vocals are placed well in the mix but you may want to go in and cut out some of the breaths and noise that I can hear coming along with them. Also try getting a free VST pitch shifter to tighten them up a little if you can find one.

Guitar sounds good playing and sound wise. Like some other guys said, try EQing them a little to clear things up.

I'm not normally into this kind of music but you guys are doing a great job.
I have Crited your songs a few times before and i remember the name Wilshire, and i know you guys are good. The beginning almost reminds me of Rage but the drums make it a little poppier. It sounds cool when the other guitar come it. You have an amazing voice, really really good. i think you need some EQ work, it sounds really bassy and muddy. The vocals seem a little off during the chorus. The violin gets a little repetive and i dont like it mimicing the main riff around 230. I wish you would have the thunderstorm back in at the end too.

C4C Please?
Very professional. I like the quality of the recordings. Overall, really good.

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Thanks for the specific tips guys. I went back and Eq'd everything to the best of my ability. I think I got the guitars a little more clear. I took the emphasis off the strings at a couple points. Gave the vocals some compression to take the sting off the high notes. Overall, I think the mix sounds much better. Thanks for the help guys. The new version is up now!
Thanks for the crit.
I REALLY LIKE YOUR SONG!!!! THe opening riff is great. I wish I could think of somethign like that. Nice voice too goes well with the music. THe backing vocals in the chorus is a little off. I dont know if it's just me. The sound of drums is not so clear..but I read the posts, so with only one mic, you did an awesome job. Your song reminds me of Waking Ashland, one of the bands I like. Great Job!!! Keep at it!
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Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I've been very busy. I really like Satellites, very good guitar tone. The vocals need a bit of work though; the singer has a good voice but its mixing needs a little work. For some reason though the recording stopped half way and I couldn't get it to keep playing so I couldn't listen to all of it, but what I heard was really, really good.
I really like it
As the others have said, it needs a bit of EQ'ing.
Also I don't really think the main riff at 3:12 works too well.
Apart from those two things, I think it's a really good song
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