Ok, so I have a Marshall Head JCM 2000 and Cabinet 1960A. My friend and I were jamming with it, when all the sudden we heard strange voices. We were trying to pinpoint the source of these mysterious voices when we realized it was coming out of my amp.

It was some talk show radio talking about hispanics and sports or something. Now I'm wondering how the hell this happened (I would understand if it was a cheapo amp but out of a marshall half stack !?!?!)

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it picks up radio signals
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You obviously had it on the "Mexican radio lead channel".
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Your amplifier probably came pre packaged with conservative views.
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Obviously possessed, call a priest.


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[Your amplifier probably came pre packaged with conservative views.]


i get that on my amp to, i turned the radio on n heard the same thing n was like.. ok... Use the wah pedal on it.. that would be different use it as an effect when playing.... cue radio talkshow.
That happened at a TRivium concert I was at. No big deal, it happens big time when I plug in my Crybaby with Death metal pedal.
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Firstly. Wrong forum, take it to guitar gear *reported*

Secondly, prolly microphonic tubes.

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My band gets this in practice. Well, the lead guitarist does, it never happens on mine.

We are able to hear whats going on in the next rehearsal room quite clearly lol.
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You obviously had it on the "Mexican radio lead channel".

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Your amplifier probably came pre packaged with conservative views.

Oh, teh Lulz.
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