Theres like 3 or so sizes/models of the boss RC looper pedals

I'm confused as to what i need :S

Wouldnt need anymore than 3 tracks, or anymore than like 5 minutes recording, i dno...

So what should i get?
i have the rc-2 it will record for longer than 5 minuets and hold more than 3 tracks but you cant export your saved tracks onto the computer, i think the other model does have that option?
The main two differences between the RC20XL and the RC2, are that the RC20XL can reverse the loop, and it has an additional input with mic level. Other than that, they are the same (well, they have a different control layout obviously, but they both can do the same).

What do you mean with "does the RC20 go to computer"? The RC loopers work just as well with the Pod as they do with anything else. Sound goes in, sound comes out, that's it.
You'd have to get the RC-50 if you wanted computer connectivity.
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