What are some good no-name rip-off guitar brands that sell quality guitars at a good price? You know, I mean the kind that don't have many originals designs but produce Strat and LP look a likes but are just about as good as the real thing.

For the price, yeah.

I mean you're not getting a Gibson Custom Shop, but for that price, you shouldn't expect one. It's a good deal.
In Europe, Vintage by Wilkinson makes pretty damn good instruments for the price.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
(about agile) Really. Do they stay in tune fine? That's always a major with cheap guitars for me.
You're asking for a no name guitar.. well erm, that one I played before was pretty good, can't tell you what it is, cause it's a no name guitar...

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yamaha are the best budget guitars

no exceptions

and if theres a budget guitar to beat it, yamaha will build a better one
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Electra. Japanese made, and they are beasts.
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The Vintage brand is available up here, about 500 dollars though. Nice guitars, but I feel you can get similar brands for less if you look hard enough. Dillion (Canada) seem to be quite nice as well, and Hagstrom makes the Ultra swede, which if you can find discounted, is a excellent guitar. The swedes sometimes come up quite cheap as well.

The best though may be used. I just picked up a Memphis brand. This is not the known ones that were mass-produced, which are cheap hollow plywood, but the set neck mahogany LP type made in the late 70's/ early 80's, and are far scarcer. I payed about 100 US for it, and have to replace the tuners, but here's the kicker. These were supposedly made in the Tokai factory and then rebranded. At that price, I think I did quite well.

The point is if you do your research, you can find some great used guitars, especially the rebranded MiJ ones, at far lower prices. Considering how the new guitars are made now days, I would say quality for the vintages would be a bit better as well.
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SX!!! all you gotta really do is pick one up and see if it's good or not then pick it up if its good or move on to the next one. theres also fender japan though they're not really no names but the older models are decently priced imo
look up lueez guitars on ebay! they are amazing . they are made with the best stuff the sell the awesomest instruments for the price ! bar none. neck through ibanez rg copy for like 350
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Agile is AMAZING! Build quality is unbelieveable. I have the Agile Silverburst 3100. The upgraded guitars are amazing, only around 400-450. ?Pickups aren't great, depending on your style, but so what, replace them. It's well worth it. Excellent wood, great quality.
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(about agile) Really. Do they stay in tune fine? That's always a major with cheap guitars for me.

The LFR on my Agile stays tuned for those weeks I can't get to play guitar. As when I use the tremolo, it takes quite some continuous divebombs to actually start detuning. If you won't use it, it does stay in tune perfectly.
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I've heard of Agile, are they good?

Excellent guitars for the price.
Vintage, Agile, Tokai, Burny.
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