I read there's two ways to do power chords, one with pinky and without. But what does this mean?
I'm guessing you hit the 3rd note with the pinky on it if you do use pinky?
so like.. 2 note without and 3 note chord w/ pinky, yes? no??
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some people use the third finger to press down both of the higher notes

Or use the pinky to press down both strings. Best is to learn both techniques, it's not very hard. Don't use ring finger AND pinky simultaneously though, that's using one more finger than necessary and can limit your playing.
Okay, so for power chords, your first finger is on the bass note, your ring finger is on the 2nd note. I'm asking if people are talking about the pinky (third note one string below 2nd note) is the debated question about if pinky should be used or not in power chords.
Matter of preference really. Adding the 8 to a power chord can add too much treble IMO. I play power chords with my pinky on the 5th myself.
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