so the other day my friend and i swapped my psp slim for his vantage guitar + his ipod nano 3rd gen 8gb, i love this guitar the feel and everything about it is what i like but its not in great condition although he said it dates back to around the 80's and it looks pretty old as well, his guitar teacher gave it to him when he was 7 and she'd had it for ages, she is pretty old btw

To be honest if i wasnt physically holding this guitar i would swear it didnt exist, i have the serial number and everything but its like it isnt real, ive looked through matsumoku's whole catalog range and googled all sorts of combinations to find this

i have managed to find some that looks nearly the same but not exactly it
the closest i could find is the vp700 here www.matsumoku.org/models/vantage/vp/vp.html<<< that guitar is from the 80's they go off into different styles after that

but on my guitar the truss rod cover is blank and the headstock has vantage in the middle and a v at the top and the machineheads are grovers(its missing one knob on the machinehead but its fine because it doesnt go out of tune and i sorted it with pliers

can you please give me some info on whether it was worth it or if you have any specs on this guitar can i please have them

i will post some pics tommorow
Thanks in advance

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hmm just got a cheap vantage that I couldnt locate on the net either
got it from a black chick who got it from her dad. says hes had for about
twenty years.... plays like a strat, but is MUCH heavier,

And i have NO idea what kind of pickups are in it.
searched and searched and nothing, but whatever it sings