to buy a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal when i have a roland cube amp? For those familiar with my amp they probably see why im asking this question and for those who arent, my amp has clean and then lead settings, the latter having nine different channels ranging from acoustic to heavy as shit. so for $40 i feel like the DS-1 is a steal and would be nice distortion and tone, but with the amp i have do i really need it?
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Having experience with the pedal and not the amp I would say save your money. The pedal is not too great. For about $100 you could get a Metal Muff and your money would be well spent. Boss distortions are not very good, IMO.
I personally feel like a DS-1 is worthless unless you have a tube amp. I could never enjoy the tone, until I got it going through my champ with my tele, and the sound is absolutely killer. I say don't bother, you won't notice enough of a difference.
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