Okay im not a noob to scales and I know some of the movable patterns and I know the A Minor pentatonic scale all over the neck like the back of my hand. But that's all i know...

Do you guys just memorize patterns and move them up or down? Or do you guys memorize the entire scale on the fretboard (If so, then how???)

Can someone explain the purpose of a mode. I've read about them in the lessons on UG main site but i'm still unsure. Is a mode another scale i mean they say you can form D Dorian from c major scale shouldnt it be C Dorian? I mean if i want to make a scale out of C it would be C Dorian right?!?! Also then if it's not C Dorian then what would the Dorian mode of D major scale be? Can modes be applied to Pentatonic/Exotic Scales?

Lastly, I've tried asking this question before but I'm not getting the answer that fulfills what I'm trying to figure out, I've also asked theory teachers this. Let's say im playing in an A Minor Pentatonic Scale, how can i figure out what chords will fit in chord progressions over that scale?!

For example A Major Scale (A,B,C#,D,E,F#,G#) has these chords
I A Major
ii B Minor
iii C# Minor
IV D Major
V E Major
VI F# Minor
VII * G# Diminished

If this system remains true then I'm guessing A Minor Pentatonic (A,C,D,E,G) intervals are 1,2,4,5,6
so the chords would be:
I A Major
ii B Minor
IV D Major
V E Major
VI F# Minor
Am i right? But for A major chord the notes are A,C#,E and there is no C# in A Minor Pentatonic... Please help all of this very confusing and causing me great stress.
Ok. dude, say you're writing in the key of A minor. But, to give it a slight twist, you want to put it in A dorian. That just means that whenever an F appears in your song, you have an F sharp instead. But the tonal centre of the piece is still A.
And you wouldn't play an A minor pentatonic over an A major key. You have to play it over A minor.
So actually the chords you would have would be
i A minor
ii B diminished
III C major
iv D minor
v E minor
VI F major
VII G major
Does that make a bit more sense? If you wanted to use a pentatonic over A major it would have to be an F#minor pentatonic.
And yes, you learn different patterns. But you can also learn different positions. You can just move them up and down the neck.
Well I play classic rock (Pink Floyd/Metallica/Pixies) and some Metal (In Flames/Lamb of God/Tool/Dream Theater). What are some scales I should learn? Could you please elaborate on the different positions/patterns? Does that mean I can play the basic major scale pattern of A Major anywhere and still be in A major scale or does it mean if i move this pattern lets say up two frets I'd be in B Major right? What are the patterns that fill out the rest of the Scales?
If you learn the notes on the fretboard you won't have to really worry about patterns. Once you know the notes on the fretboard you can know the scales in all keys. From my understanding at least.
The chords you list in your post are diatonic chords, chords that fall naturally within a certain key. Those chords are built off the individual scale steps ( A major ) Each chord and scale step will have a corresponding mode.

If you take the V chord E(7) , it's mode would be mixolydian. It's sound can be kind of bluesy, just like the dominant 7th chord sound.

That would just be one approach. Probably for most rock playing a straight major scale (ionian mode) wouldn't give you the sound you want. Try playing part of the (A) major scale with F# minor pentatonic, overlap and blend the two tonalities together.
You have to learn all the positions - if you move a scale pattern then your transposing to a different key. However the easiest way to do it is to learn the notes on the fretboard and learn how a scale is constructed. That way you can navigate with root notes and just follow your pattern of intervals. You're pretty much a complete noob to scales seeing as you don't know the most fundamental bits of information about them so lose the notion that learning a few random patterns has somehow taught you something.

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