I found a small child sized acoustic guitar made by a company called Strad'O Lin. I was unable to find anything about them on the internet and I was just wondering if anyone else had input on the origins of the guitar?
If google can't find it. Neither can I. You're probably out of luck then.
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I was just curious though you know? Ive read some stuff about Stradolin mandolins and theyre worth alot. I doubt this guitar is but I just have to be a little curious.
Here's what I found:

The Strad-O-Lin company of Chicago, active in the 1940s, farmed out some of its production to various small-shop luthiers, resulting in a wide variation in quality among its acoustic mandolins. Some are merely adequate, and some are quite nice. The company also produced a few electrics. The one on the left is definitely a Strad-O-Lin, but I'm not sure about the one on the right. (I have played one, and it wasn't that exciting.)

Looks like they mainly made mandolins and a few guitars. Saw some as far back as the 1920's.