Hey guys, i recently (sort of, 6ish months ago) got a ibanez rg350DX. Call me an idiot or whatever because i know i am as you know its a floyd rose style guitar. But floyd rose's are not my style, i want to freely change tunings whenever i want and to do so quickly. and i've never even shredded before because i hate it, its not my style. I know i shouldve gone for a epi les paul style guitar but oh well. If i were to pawn this guitar or put it up for sale on ebay, how much would i get for it do you believe. There is a minor chip in the headstock which i bought it with (lol) didnt relise till a couple weeks after i bought it when i was running my hand along it. Thats the only blemish to it. i picked up this guitar for AU$600 after trading in a starter pack electric and a starter pack acoustic. The original price was AU$900. The place where i bought it form is also where i do lessons and is privately owned by one man, its not a franchise so i may be able to talk to him about this aswell? but how much could i expect to get for this guitar presuming people think i payed full price?

I know i'll never make this mistake again and not rush into things ...
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you could always block it off until you can find a way to trade it off or buy a new one. a good solid piece of wood or even aluminum or brass will do it
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the funny thing is you bought the ibanez with the worst floating bridge they make. i dont know what the money conversion is like in Au(im guessing Australia? lol) but in the US no one should pay more than 400 for it.
As others have suggested, you should block the trem. Also take off the clamps at the nut end, and just use the headstock tuners.
1. Tremel-No
2. Block it.
3. Pawn it
4. You should have tried out frs and hardtails before you made your choice
5. The RG350DX isn't that bad of a guitar, is just the condition it came in