my friend has requested that i teach him guitar and i have accepted it. my question is...

what should i teach him?

im self taught and pretty much just learned songs like Smells like teen spirit and smoke on the water when i started out so i dont know exactly what to teach. i thought maybe some basic open/power chords and scale(probably major), but i dont quite know

thx for any help
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1. Chromatic Warm ups
2. Give him a guitar routine
4. Scales
5. Chords
6. Rhythm
7. Learn fret ( Fret warrior)
9. Music theory
10. Teach a song

Since you are just a starter as well... take notes on this to.
Make sure you teach him the dots are on the odd frets except for at the 12th. It's so annoying to try to teach someone something and they have to count the ****ing frets.
How to cleanly finger each fret
Basic theory
How to alternate pick
OPen chords first and a simple song.

Move on to more complex songs later.

After a bit show him string bending and it's use. Tapping and so on. If he's going to catch on he will.
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open chords first for sure and mostly chords in general. the trick is to get the student actually making music they like. any song can be played chords. scales arent as usefull to a brand new guitarist at least untill they can strum a few songs decently.
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My advice: Don't teach him until you know more.

I second this, I don't believe you should teach until you know what to teach without having to ask other people.
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lol im in kind of the same situation, my drummer just bought a guitar and amp and wants me to teach him, even tho i just started getting lessons 2 weeks ago
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