they say acceptance comes last.
but i'm a bit skeptical
maybe there isn't such a thing,
maybe it's just a stalemate we reach
and decide,
it isn't worth it.
like you.
or where you used to say
we'd fall asleep together.
a beach, you'd tell me.
A body of water.
an ocean
or a lake.
you were just playing along (hahaha!).
that's the way i see it now.
cause i know thats not what you meant.
so cross your heart.
pray that the ink upon my arm
spells out the word "love"
and not "lie", or "liar" or something.
and i'm not accusing you of lying
i'm just asking you to set your priorities straight
like putting fruits before vegetables
i think so.
that's really all it is.
so before i break this oath,
just know that you aren't alone.
cause there are places i would rather be right now
like fooling around on a slip 'n slide
or playing cards in front of a fireplace.
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this is really nice, the only thing i would take away is the something in the line
"and not "lie", or "liar" or something