Ive been looking at the digitech rp90 multi effects pedal, and it looks great , with all the presets and whatnot. I want to pick it up tomorrow from my local guitar center, but I am in a bit of a bind. I have 85 dollars, just twenty bucks short. But I do own a dunlop crybaby wah wah pedal. I want to trade that in but I dunno if I should because
1)I dont know how much they will pay for it.
2) My dad says I should keep it cause Its a nice pedal, But Ive heard That the digitech is almost exactly the same in terms of wah tone

What I want:http://www.guitarcenter.com/DigiTech-RP90-Guitar-Multi-Effects-Pedal-104653852-i1375342.gc

What I have:
....save up 20 more dollars and have both???
why do you have to get it tomorrow?
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If use use wah a lot i would say keep the dunlop because the quality of a pedal that focuses solely on one sound will be better than one that produces many. However, if you dont use wah that much and are just experimenting with sounds i would say go for it. Just be prepared to be screwed over on the sale price of your dunlop. Music stores dont pay much for used stuff and it might be a better idea to just save up that extra 20 bucks.
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In my opinion i think u should keep your dunlop wah. i mean u only need 20 more bucks dude. I dont think its worth it trading in ur 70 dollar wah just cause u dont have 20 more bucks. By the way the guitar center guys in my city told me its really not worth trading in ur pedals or selling them or whatever to guitar center. They dont give u fair prices at all, i tried to trade in my ibanez wah and they told me i shouldnt do it. If u really cant get 20 more bucks and it all comes down to u havin to sell ur wah, u should sell it on ebay or pawn it or something.