so im looking for some solos to play (any tuning really) that are, like the title says, complex, but not fast. by complex i mean that theres alot of finger movement going on, but the focus is more on melody rather than speed

im trying to stay in the heavy metal genres (specifically thrash, melodic death metal, maybe even some power metal) or metalcore, but hard rock is cool too. instrumentals would be fine as well

and i guess the best example of what i mean when i say complicated but not fast would be the solo from eagleheart by stratovarius
Marty Friedman's Lucretia solo. Not the fastest but is amazingly crafted and has weird fingerings.
Lost interest.
Any Marty Friedman solo really. His solos put your fingers in weird positions and arent too fast. Some are fast though.

EDIT: Shit beat to it.
How fast something is, is subjective; the only challenging phrases are towards the end of his solo. For a MF solo, this is pretty damn easy.

Perhaps you're talking about the Dave Mustaine one, which has Dave's signature lead playing written all over it. I'm just talking about the Friedman solo.
Lost interest.