If anyone here in The Pit has a minute or two...

Could you find me a website showing how to braid leather/hemp/string step-by-step?

See, my girlfriend and I work together at the same place. She's really crafty with braids; making necklaces and bracelets and what-have-you. Always selling these chinsy things to our co-workers.
We sit in front of a computer all day taking phone calls. Braiding is acceptable at work, which suits her. However, they won't let me carve candles or glass, construct anything with Lego's, or nail and glue wood together. So I feel left out.

I'm not just relying on you, Pit, to do the research for me because I am lazy. I have Google'd and Yahoo'd and Ask Jeeves'd it up for the past hour and a half and can't find anything whatsoever. And my girlfriend gets too much attention with her chinsy jewelry to teach me how so I can show her up.

If anyone finds any sites, I would much appreciate it if you post them!
Just a normal plait? Easy peasy.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
obviously, i am not gay. i just need something to do.
lest we forget i DID mention the girlfriend. guess you overlooked that part.

thanks, TOOFAST
No problem, STEVIETVER1
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I remember that

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Place three strings side by side. Then move the one at the side in between the other ones. Then move the string which is on the other side over in between the other two. Repeat.