Im in a band and my other guitarist has a better amp that is 40 watts so i need a new amp. Right now i have a 25 watt kustom amp which is a pratcie amp so what should i buy next that is less than $150 and that can give me solid heavy metal sound?
and more than 40 watts? that is going to be hard man.

maybe you should just save up and get an amp that you will be happy with

because it is going to be hard to get an amp with good distortion for that cheap
Nothing if your in a band.

Nothing will do it. Save up more and get a used Roland Cube 60.

Don't even ask about MG, Spiders, Frontmen or Tonblasters
yeah... keep using your little amp til you have enough to buy yourself a decent sized one that sounds alright... something like a combo amp that has some decent distortion on it, unless you wanna use a pedal... my peavey 5150 puts out a great sound without a pedal though =]
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ok then what should i save up for

it depends... if youre in a serious band and have been going for a while and youre looking to play some good gigs in large rooms, get a 80-100 watt combo, or even a half stack amp... shop around for what you like best... marshall MG's and line 6's arent that bad if they suit what you play [they sound horrible for my applications]...
also look into vox amps

the valvetronix series could suit your needs, plus they are really affordable.