k so I'm building a 2x12 as I'm too much of a tight ass to buy a good quality one. I'd go for an avatar except they cost about $1k in Australia. So I'm going to make a good quality one.
But first i need suggestions on speaker type. Im on a budget so i was thinking warehouse guitar speakers, and Weber's seems pretty good. My amp is a Laney LH-50r. It needs to be pretty versatile, I play everything from jazz to metal. Also, open or closed back? or half/half?
Once I've ordered some speakers and got some plywood ill get stuck into building the thing. Shouldnt take too long.

EDIT: with the Aussie dollar as low as it is, does anyone know of any Australian suppliers/makers of decent speakers to save on expensive international shipping and a shocking exchange rate? Shipping alone from warehouse guitar speakers is about $108US
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Speakers: Celestion Rocket 50's... love em
i also find that closed back cabs sound best
give it some hot pink tolex =]
Closed back if you want a tight metal sound... if not, open back will work.

As for speakers the WGS Veteran 30s are pretty versatile.
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I feel ya man. The Aussie dollars getting better slowly, it went from like 64 US cents to 67 US cents. I waiting for the US dollar to drop
I have no personal experience with them, but you could try these. They're made in Australia, the guitar ones seem to be higher wattage Celestion Greenback clones.

Maybe worth a look.
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i have a veteran 30 speaker brand new in the box ill sell at a discounted rate.

open back provides the best over-all tone. pine is the best thing to build it out of.

pine is great I built a couple cabs out of it this spring sounds great wit a couple veteran 30's in it
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yeah ive heard about lorantz before. apparently they're pretty good, but expensive. ill have to compare them to WGS + shipping to see if its worth it. but thanks

I've heard nothing about them, but just thinking about it logically, it looks like they'd be cheaper with the exchange rate at the moment.

How much are you looking to spend on the cab? Have you got a specific limit for the speakers?
Would've been the time to buy when our dollar was worth $0.90US, but I think if you're looking to buy soon, those Lorantz ones are the best bet. Could be a long while before our dollar fixes itself.

For the 50W speakers, for two, it'd run you $280. A little bit over your target, but that might be the best you can do at the moment.
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so who here likes Rocket 50's?

I'm guessing... everyone? But they're entry level, so not the best for a true whatchacallit... coinnasewer. Good luck on winning those.
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There are other strands here about Rocket 50's. if the £sterling stays this low there might be some bargains coming your way once the new shipments start heading your way.
i won the auction this morning, so 2 rocket 50's im going with. I've got some wiring questions though. ive been reading the cabinet tutorial but theres alot to read and some conflicting answers so its left me quite confused.

1)My speakers are 50W each, does this mean my cabinet will be 100W no matter how it is wired?

2)my amp (laney LH50) is 50W, i read in the cabinet tutorial that a cabinet that is rated higher than the power that the amp is putting out can damage the amp because the speakers are asking for more power than the amp can produce? would a 100W cab damage a 50W head?

3) the rocket 50's are 8 Ohms each. my amp has several different speaker outputs, like this:

ive never been exactly sure on which output to i should use for the cab im using now (2x12, i think each speaker is 16 ohm but not sure. not sure if wired in series or parallel.) ive just been using the 1x16ohm output, so if anyone could shed some light on that it would be sweet.

given all that information, how should i wire this thing?

i have more questions too, just cant think of them atm lol

to anyone who can help
if you wire them in parallel then R = 1/r1 + 1/r2
if you wire them in series then R = r1 + r2

r1 & 2 being the resistances of the two speakers

you have 2 8 ohm speakers, in series they will have a resistance of 16 ohms, in parallel they will have 4 ohms. Your amp can accomodate 1 4 ohm cab so I would suggest wiring in parallel.

EDIT: I see now that it can take a 16 ohm cab aswell so wiring in series or parallel would be fine
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Your Laney can match 4,8 or sixteen ohms. The paired sockets are in parallel so if you had an 8 ohm speaker you would use the middle socket but if you have two in parallel they would make 4 ohms so you then use the paired sockets on the right.

Unless the output transformer on the amp is badly designed (and Laney are good) it won't matter what you choose.

If you want to use your 2x12 withany other speaker in future then most amps provide only for parallel connections so a 4 ohm speaker can't easily be used with any other. If this is important use a series connection with two eights.

If you are likely to use a transistor amp with your speaker at any stagethen use a parallel connection as a transistor ampwill only develop it's full power into 4 ohms.

You just add the power handling together so long as the speakers are both the same.

If you want more details go to my column on matching amps and speakers in gear maintenance.
Sorry I should add the rocket 50's are best in an open backed cabinet. you can't load them properly with an infinite baffle (closed box) as the magnets are too small. Open backs help keep them cool as well.
thanks that was pretty helpful. i think ill wire them in series so that'll make it 16 ohm. does that mean ill use the single 16 ohm socket on the right? as i understand it, the bottom sockets in the left and middle pairs are for cabs wired in stereo, where 2 cables are used, right?
thats another thing, i was looking at laney's 2x12's and they are able to be connected in stereo. what are the advantages to that and how would i go about wiring that up?

and im not sure what you mean about not being able to be loaded as the magnets are too small.

sorry for all the questions, i just want to get this as perfect as possible the first time around
Yes use the 16 ohm socket.

The bottom sockets are for when you use two cabs ( in the uk this is called a full stack) with an amp and two matching speakers. If you built a second speaker it would have to be 16 ohms to match your first speaker and you would then move over to the next row of sockets which are connected to the 8 ohm output of your amp. Plugging bothspeakers in together makes 8 ohms and you have a match.

Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned loading as the answer is quite technical. Basically the speaker and the cabinet work together as a tuned unit. When they are tuned together or loaded it flattens out the frquency response at the bottom end (bass). the magnet and the air in the cabinet work together to tame the movement of the cone, because your magnets will be small all the air on the planet won't tame your speaker cone. All it meams for you is that your speakers wont be much good as hi=fi speakers, as a guitarist you probably regard untamed speakers as a good thing!

It was an Aussie engineer who worked out the maths of speaker design, good on yer.
speakers arrived. hooked them up quickly to the radio (yes i know thats not good for them but it was only for a second to see if they worked) and they worked.

did a quick design today. the back is going to be in 2 pieces so that it can be open or closed.

Can anybody recommend an online 1 stop shop (preferably australian) to get 2 legged corners, tolex, grill cloth, piping and handles? i know about EVATCO but they dont really have what i want in terms of grill cloth or handles so somewhere else would be good.