Hello everyone,
I am somewhat a intermediate guitar player, and I been playing for uhm 3-4 years with this Washburn guitar that my uncle gave me, it's was a gift so knowing my uncle I presume it wasn't much of a guitar.
Anyway it's now been a while and it's a pain in the ass cause I have to retune it all the time and the sound compared to my mate's guitars is shi7..

So I was wondering if you have about 600$ in your piggy bank and a particular taste for metal/hard-rock music, what would you buy?
I have been googling around for prices and I was thinking of getting an Ibanez RG370DX or something but if quality goes with price, this one ain't too much of qually is it ?

PRS SE series???
great guitars for their price, which is around that range.
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Schecter demon FR

tested it at a store, though, so i dunno how durable it could be...
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More than a "BUY THAT" I'd like to hear opinions, maybe people who had to buy their second guitar or third and had no clue what to get!
save up 100 more and get a jackson kelly ke3. i have this guitar and it is unbeliavable! plays like a dream and sounds amazing
PRS guitars are great, so are ESPs. Ibanez is a bit overrated IMO. Or you could get a Musicman Petrucci model-pretty sure theres one around that price (not a top of the range one though)
I'd personally recommend Schecter. I still own my first guitar, and Epi G400 SG, but i don't play it anymore because my 2nd guitar, the Schecter, is just all round a huge step up from it in every way (quality, sound, weight balance, fretwork, action).

The Schecter I bought was a C1 FR Blackjack ATX from them about a month ago and it's a great guitar - does everything i want it to. The quality and everything have impressed me enough that i'm already saving up for another Schecter and trying hard to decide between FR and non-FR. The Hellraiser Avenger will probably be my next. Just want that sexy maple black cherry top. And I highly doubt that would be my last Schecter. I personally think that for the price point they're at, they're packed with a ridiculous amount of features like grover tuners, original floyd rose (or tonepros bridge), EMG/SD active pickups, and great workmanship, so definitely check em out.
So there's few people recommending a Schecter..
I read a comment saying Ibanez's overrated, how so?
I have absolutely no problem in findin 100$ more or less
In my opinion, Jackson and Ibanez are fairly similar in many ways, but Jackson tend to be cheaper, and you get better features for your money. Depending on budget/prices and what you're looking for I'd look at: RR3, RR5, DK2, DK2M, DK2T, JS30KE and KE3. My recommendations are: RR3 for trem or RR5 for no-trem, but this body is easy to smash, the KE3 has a thinner neck I think, and the Dinky's have a different neck profile altogether.
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Ibanez guitars are not overrated. They are fantastic instruments, especially for what they cost. The problem is that their necks are love or hate, they're thin as paper. While that's nice for shred and soloing, it can be strenous for your left hand.
I don't recommend the RG370 though, the tremolo on it is crap. I'd think twice before buying a guitar with a double locking trem anyway, they are a huge pain in the ass to set up.

Here are some guitars in the price range I recommend. The Ibanez guitars don't have the super thin neck of the RG, but a rather round one:

The last one is the best of them imo. If you can afford it and don't mind the odd looks, it's the way to go.
I was going to buy an RGxxx series if I was going for Ibanez, mostly becuase of the look and the fact that they have jumbofrets...but anyway
what about sehcter guitars?
Better / Worse than Ibanez?
I'm almost there with buying it !!!
Guess I'll be the first to ask what amp you have? It would be a good idea to upgrade after you get your guitar.

Perhaps you'd like an Agile? Amazing guitars for the price. If you're not into buying on the internet, then I'd recommend a Jackson. An RR3 would be an excellent choice. Has a great LFR, JB/Jazz combo pups which are very versatile. Alder body which is great for metal. Neck is pretty comfortable, not too thin either.
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Okay guys I made my mind up!
Its going to be either a Epiphone Les Paul Custom or Ibanez S520EX .

As for the amp I have a valvular fame amp I bought from germany for 600$
Or a better idea, go to some guitar shops and try out what's there and find out what is best in your hands?

I was shopping for a new guitar a few months ago. I was going to step up from a Squier Stratocaster and didn't know where to go next. I went to multiple guitar shops in the U.S. and the U.K. and I finally figured that I liked the Les Paul. I looked at many different models and found out I was going to go for a '58 Les Paul a '59 or a '60. After playing different '58's, '59's and '60's, I found the perfect '58 and that's the guitar I have now.

Buying guitars takes time truthfully. You need to get out and look at stuff. Also, I'm happy you're not going for an ESP. I had multiple bad experiences with them.

My only advice is simply:

Chrono, Epiphone is only worth it if you are buying a guitar that's $300 or less. Once you break that price range, really I felt that you should just save up for a Gibson Les Paul Studio (if not better).

I have less experience with Ibanez, but from what some people have told me, Ibanez gets good only after $1000
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