Alright, so after playing scales for hours today, I was expecting for the scales to "do" something to help me musically.

Now i am not impatient, if i need to try harder then i sshall keep on at it. But what does everyone else thinks? Does playing scales do anything to help you rather then help you with your technique and speed. I have hard people saying that u can solo over a chord; but wouldn't that be just bland and boring? Playing a scale during a concert like a monkey while the other one plays the chord?

I am not ignorant, and this is not an arguement, I just want for people to give me some of their opinions. (please no arguements )
well of course you wouldn't play it up and down, but the idea is that you'll learn where different tones are in the key signature and be able to use that to your advantage in the middle of a lick.
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Learn where the root notes are in said scales and improvise. Don't just play em front to back and over and over again. Be creative, find little melodies. Don't think of scales as a mindless practice, they're the foundation for just about every song you've heard. Learn to use em. Music is all about expressing yourself. Knowing scales will give you the foundation for just that.

Scales can create rhythem as well as be used for soloing. Try this in the blues scale:


Noodle around with it, just keep it in time. That's just one basic example of how a scale can be used for a rhythem riff.
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Practicing scale patterns up and down won't do anything other than train your fingers to run up and down scales. Theory isn't like tabs, you don't have it all laid out for you...you have to learn how the scale works and understand it for yourself, learn to recognize it's intervals, stuff like that. Did you read the crusade articles yet?
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