I just put in a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge of my SG. I have the volume pot with push/pull to split so only the SCREW poles are on, because I think it sounds more single coil like. But the tone is also a push pull and I wanted to do series/parallel for it also. The split works, but the wires had to be switched around to change which coil is on, and I am having trouble getting the S/P switch to do anything other than act as a kill switch. Which colors go where, considering that the white is now a ground, the black and green are together and go to the switch, and the red is hot. What do I do? Oh, the neck is a Gibson 57 so no options there with the switch.
Well is there nothing to do with it then? I have a 3 way toggle switch, but am not sure about making a master tone, and if I used it the money is wasted on the push/pull. Maybe I should just throw it into another guitar and leave it at that. But that took a of extra time. I thought it could be done. Thanks.