Evening, Morning, Afternoon to you all.

This is a peice that has been a work in progress for way too long. ive been working on with my band and our version is different from this one but this will give you an idea. the transions are bad and some parts wont make the final cut. please be honest and any suggestions from a fellow muso is more than welcome.

Crit for Crit as usual


stargazers 2ish.zip
well i must say that i was impressed. anything prog usually isnt my style, but this piece grew on me.

the intro- amazing part. the riff and the drumming are excellent together. the addition of the second guitar and the keys keeps it fresh, and gives it an even more epic sound. its almost foreboding.

the solo was good, although the one part that didnt click with me was the part where in measures 39 to 42 where you just played quarter notes. i dont know how but you made it work somehow. overall it was good, simple yet tasteful. well put together. the hell with it, it sounded great.

the part after the solo i liked, it was like the eye of the storm.

the prog bit sounded a little weird, but it ended up being pretty good

overall the song was great, i really enjoyed the main riff. it never got old. some of the more progressive bits kinda went over my head, but im sure that anyone who likes anything progressive wouild like it. its obvious that you put alot of hard work into this song. keep it up.

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really good. not usually my thing but really interesting all the way through. the bass complimented the guitar well most of the way through. there was quite a lot of repitition but never sounded boring. the only bit i didnt like was the bit from 123-134. just didnt fit.

wow that was really good.
Awesome climax at bar 59. Had a very post-rock build up feel to it.
Solo fit well, all the keys and everything were good.
Theres some nifty bass lines in there as well.
Bar 123 sounded a little awkward, but after a small stutter it comes back strong.
The prog section is well done, again your excellent at building pressure.
The ending seemed a little abrupt.

10/10 - As a whole this song is awesome, especially the first climax I really liked that bit. Would love to hear it recorded some day.
i really liked it and thought the transitions were actually pretty good and think it'll sound great once you release your final recorded version
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