490R and a 490T alnico magnet humbuckers

What do you think? Are they good or should I switch them out? I've never heard of them before (Not good when it comes to p/ups besides the fact that Seymour Duncans and Bare knuckles are good lol)

I've got about 420 so...yes...no?

I do know amps are really big on tone, but I know nothing about how tones DO affect it, but I've got about 400 to spend if I can get a better amp.
With $420 you can afford a pretty nice amp, or save up for a really nice one.

EDIT: Or any pickups you want. That is a ton of money for pickups.
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I got some 57 classics for mine. Thought 400 series sounded harsh (for me). All depends on which pickup you rely on more I guess, neck or bridge, might just need one upper end pickup, and keep the stock.
just save a bit more for a better amp
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Well If i got new p/ups I'd get really good ones, but I know it wouldn't matter if I had a crappy little amp.

So I think I'll go ask in the gear thread what sort of amp I should get.
yeah i suggest getting a new amp first it will definetly change your tone. One that has quite a few tonal options like treble, bass, mid etc etc