Okay so I'm still stuck between an ESP Eclipse or Jackson RR5, so I'm looking into the pickup differences. I know I like EMGs, and I like the Seymour Duncans on the KV2 (TB4?). Could anyone explain the differences between the Seymour Duncan pickups or provide a link that explains it? Also, with the RR5 being a Japanese, and not USA made Jackson, is it considered on the same 'quality' level as the Eclipse?

Japanese guitars' quality and workmanship easily rival that of their USA counterparts. It's just personal opinion, but I would prefer a MIJ over an MIA were their $ values the same.

Seymour Duncan pickups kick serious ass. Go to their website to compare the tonal outputs of each picking (click 'compare tone' next to the ones u wanna compare, and note their differing EQ voicings). Then listen to sound clips and read user reviews on the net.

Once you've really narrowed it down, your best bet would be to spend two hours in a guitar store's soundroom doing back to back tests with an amp as close to yours in spec as possible.
If you play more than just metal, get the JB (the SH4/TB4).

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Agree with the JB recommendation. Listened to some soloing stuff on youtube and it sounds really warm, smooth and dynamic. Personally don't think you could go wrong with a JB, but i'm open to other opinions.
JB's are infintely better than EMGs, a lot more treble bite, and EMGs have a more artificial sound. But if you've got the money, buy the guitar with EMGs and switch them out for AHB1 Blackouts. I've done that before, and I don't regret it. Blackouts are fuller, thicker, and heavier than EMGs.
thanks for the replies fellas, i have one more question.
What is the difference between the JB SH4(Bridge pickup on the RR5) and the JB TB4(Bridge pickup on the RR1 and KV2)? I checked their website and couldn't find both!
the jb is for guitars with a hardtail bridge and the tb is spaced for guitars with floyds/other trems or guitars with a wider string spacing then usual.
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