I've been looking around for my first electric guitar. I've been playing an acoustic for a while now, but since I usually end up practicing in the evening, it would be nice to practice on something a little less...disturbing.

My tastes tend to be in things, well, acoustic. Rock, blues, punk. Oldies stuff in general. I decided that I would get a Roland Microcube to start out with, and later maybe get a Cube 30.

In terms of what guitar I would get, my budget is under $250. I'll already be spending around $100 on an amp, and I don't want to be spending too much on a new instrument all at once, but I want to be able to buy something that I will keep for a long time, and can always come back to, meaning a guitar I wont just want to get rid of and an amp I will eventually sell.

I have originally been looking at different Ibanez guitars, but then noticed how the Yamaha Pacifica series has been strongly recommended as a starter guitar. After going through the guitars in my price range, I've come to the Yamaha PAC112J and Yamaha PAC012 (Both part of the Pacifica series).
There is a $50 price difference between the two, the PAC112J being $200 and the PAC012 being $150. Looking at the differences, the only thing I can find (besides colors) is that the 112 is solid alder body, and the 012 is solid agathis body.

So here is my dilemma. What is the real difference between those two? Is one better than the other because of the type of wood? Is there a large sound difference between them?
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Get the 112J, I've got one, they're nice (it's my first guitar). Agathis bodies supposedly sound dull, go with the 112J, as they're pretty well built guitars, and, due to this, if you upgrade the electronics as you go, they can apparently stay with you for ages.
Definitely get the 112J.

Alder is used in many strats, and is a decent wood. Agathis is apparently pretty crap and used mostly in lower end guitars.
well alder is considered a better wood, i think you would find however that betwen these 2 guitas there is not a huge difference in sound, i started on an agathis yamaha electric (erg121) and frankly i still enjoy teh way it sounds, i find teh agathis has a bit of bite and it isnt the horrible wood it is supposed to be, it's bets if you can try them both
The Pac 112 is probably better cos it's made out of alder. I tried them both, they don't sound a lot different to be honest but that's probably because of the stock pickups. The Pac 112 can be modded to sound great with new pickups etc. but not the Pac 012, the wood's not great compared to alder, I guess it wouldn't make sense to to try and mod it. I've actually got the Pac 012 (only cos I coudn't afford anything else then). But I definitely recommend the Pac 112J. It's a great practice guitar for it's price. After a few years you can easily mod it with better tuners, new pick ups maybe even a new bridge and it would sound great. So go for the Pac 112J.
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I started off on the 112 Pacifica, it's an awesome guitar and i would highly recommend it to you.. I also started off with a Roland Cube 15, i would also recommend the cubes because they are so versatile for the price.

Good Luck!

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Besides, if you really want to, you can mod the thing to hell (I'd suggest a new bridge first) and make it sound really great.
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Thank you all for the great replies. Its been decided then that I'll get the 112, especially since it can be modded so nicely later. If I'm going to mod it later it would be good to have a body made out of better wood, since that isn't exactly something you can change later (easily at least).
^ yeah, that'd be my reasoning.
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