Hi i just got a bass from my friend for my brother. When i got home and gave it to my brother it didnt work at all no sound would come out of the amp. I dont know anything about basses but i was wondering if there was any quick fix for it or would it have to go to a shop.
try it with a different cable first then check out the wiring for any loose or disconnected wires.
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Smells of disconnected/broken wires to me, get yourself a soldering iron and a tube of solder, will cost you a sh*t bit less than taking it to a shop.
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alright yea i already changed cords like five times its not that. Yea i thought it would be wiring but just wanted to make sure thanks
Volume on the bass turned up?
you'd be surprised how many times i've done that
Or maybe its the amp, try it with another guitar or bass that you know works
If the bass is active, it may be a dead battery is the root of the issue. Change the battery.
check the volume on the bass and the amp. if that still doesn't work, you may have an amp that won't work with a bass guitar (my uncle gave me a practice amp for a guitar, and when i tried to play my bass with it, the sound coming out of the amp was quieter than the sound coming from just the strings)