I mainly play blues and jazz when I'm by myself, but I may actually be getting a gig in an industrial metal band, and I definitely need something other than a MIM Tele.

So, what do you guys think are the pro and cons of a 7 string vs. a drop tuned 6 string?
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7 gives you an extra string to work with so you don't have to deal with the headache of getting heavier gauge strings to tune down. If you've been playing guitar for a while then that extra B string should be easy for you to work with, I had no problem playing a 5-string bass after a few years on a 4-string.
i say 7 string because you dont have to tune up if u want to play blues in standard (unless your planning to drop tune the 7 string anyway) and itll be cool to play blues with a 7 string.
i dont know, i feel when i play a 7 string, everything else gets messed up a little. im constantly changing tunings from drop b to drop c to C# standard, etc. but idk it feels a little strange especially when you are playing cover songs. If it works for you, thats good but it will probably take getting used to imo.
7 strings will make things much easier to always stay in standard. Also makes things better for your bass player if he has a 5 string.
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7 string man, more notes, and none of the limitations of down-tuning.
I highly recommend a 7
I was at that dillemma my ESP stays tuned to drop C or drop B. . . but honestly, I need a 7 because there are things I love to do with six standard tuned strings. . . . like ohhh, sweeps and such, but I love having a string tuned to a drop tuning so that I can do my 3 string sweeps that sound really bad ass. . . . so after all my crap I just decided I'll eventually have to suck it up and purchase a custom made xiphos 7. . . . . at least that is the plan.
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