i feel terrible, i've been throwing up all night and can't sleep, and i have work in 4 hours =[

is there any way i can stop myself puking and get to sleep? i can't even drink water for gods sake
Don't drink and/or eat anything? Take some Tylenol PM and then Sleepy-bye.
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incidentally, there are absolutely no results for "bizzare anal kazoo" on google.

Throw up A LOT more and then like, stop throwing up.

Call into work NAO and don't go in, because who would want to work with a sick person!? GrosssyyyyyY!
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call in sick man. I ate some expired taco shells once.... I felt HORRIBLE for a couple days after that. I shat liquified bricks after that...
Don't go to work. Unless you work with bulemic people, you should stay at home.

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