rg550ltd IT is a near mint rg550 with all chrome covers and pickup covers and near mint awesomely thin wizard neck with binding THE GOOD ONES and A Dimarzio evolution pickup set for the h-s-h configuration the Ibanez tone upgrade capacitors and most of all it has a brand new chrome lo pro edge
neck alone was 255.00 the pickups 190.00 the edge 295.00
any offers? sry if the pictures are a little weird ill post more if anyones intrested
5 out of the 7 of those pics are really really tiny. just a heads up
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o.0? I just saw this sold on ebay... >_>
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probably did Lucky...one of the large pictures has that little camera in the corner you see on ebay pics..
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i bought the guitar on ebay and i wanted to return it but the seller doesnt do returns so i need to sell it