First Noob Question:

What is the difference between Solid State Amps and Tube amps?

Second Noob Question:

Will Amp Heads work without Amp Cabs?
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Tube amps are generally louder, sound warmer and are usually more expensive.

No, an amp head will not work without a cabnet
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i think there is a faq already on this

What is the difference between Solid State Amps and Tube amps?

as the name implies tube amps are amplifiers that used tubes and solid state is some kind of circuit dont know how to explain it very technically but is an amp that is more based on transistors and other things

the difference people prefer tube amps because of the sound they have a nicer distortion and cleans they feel more organic while other amps like line 6 and other solid states feel very digital

the sound sounds very processed

Will Amp Heads work without Amp Cabs?

i dont think you play a head without an amp cab you would probably fry your head
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Amp head is just the amp (amplifier) with no speakers (cabinet). A combo amp is where the amplifier and speaker are built into one unit. Some are as good as having amp + cabinet some are not. Some people prefer combo's, some don't its all a preference.

A tube amp is an amplifier built using tubes. It is an old technology and still the best in getting the most natural tone out of your instrument. Every tube amp has a point on the volume knob where it will break up and you will get natural overdrive or distortion from the tubes themselves (depending on how much you crank it). A tube amp will also respond to your pick attack. The lighter you pick the cleaner the sound will be and the more you dig in the more overdrive you can create. This also works by manipulating your volume knob. Set the volume on your amp to 8 lets say and have your guitar volume on full and you'll have a pretty full overdriven tone, roll back the volume knob and your sound will clean up. Basically they are more dynamic. Solid state amps sound great at low volumes but not so great cranked where as tube amps are the opposite. The louder you play them the better they sound, which can be a problem especially if you live in an apartment and have b!tchy neighbors.
Also solid state amps are for the most part more durable but if something does go wrong its usually not worth fixing as they can get expensive to repair because of all the circuitry. Tube amps on the other hand are more fragile but if you're smart they won't break on you. Also if something does happen to go tits up on it they are not that difficult to fix as its pretty much straight forward and they are not complicated at all internally. Hope that answered some questions.
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