This is a song From my band When the Reaper Calls. Our singer wrote the lyrics. hope you enjoy.

Verse: We walk along the lonely way. Silently crying to ourselves. Did this happen, are we really through. A broken heart, a shallow game, I will miss you. Our love was magic, but it ended tonight.

pre Chorus: Watch you shatter. Breakdown! Breakdown! Watching you hurting is pleasing.

Chorus: I'll see you again, another time. Will i miis you depends how hard you try. I'll see you another day, but not today.

Verse2: Walk on in, turn on the lights. Didn't wish it ended tonight. Is this real or is this just a dream. your words are we still friends, I hope until the end. What did i do to deserve this.

Pre Chorus.


Bridge: I want to die. In the shadows. Why did you leave. Please come back. Don't leave me.

Guitar solo.

Chorus 2x.
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