It's always gonna be difficult for a five piece on such a small stage, but yeah, some nergy would help. Did you win in the end?

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you need at least seven people, walking around, carrying bats. To make sure everyone has their "mandatory" fun.
Alright - this isn't really my area of expertise, but it sounds alright to me. There are some pretty decent parts throughout, and some parts which I don't really like, but overall it seems rather generic to me.

Also - you guys do need energy. A lot of it.

Were you guys nervous for this? It seems as if you weren't having much fun because you were nervous or frightened to be on stage or something. Now, I know it was a small stage for that number of people, and maybe you just didn't want to risk bonking each other in the face with your guitars, but make sure you guys move around a lot more in the future!
You guys need to move more, the guitarists are way boring to watch

But on a side note... you have a girl bassist.

...I approve
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