are there any amps that do a good job on both amplifying acoustic and electric (I dont know much about acoustic amplification so spare me if this is dumb) I want to play my electric and start learning acoustic tap but I also am poor so if I could find a cheapisher amp that could do both well frankly thats what I need.
Well I think a solid state would be better for acoustic, not sure. And they would obviously be cheap.
I was really kind of going for a specific amp because I dont know anything about acoustic amplification and especially not something crossover, I also am definately going solid state, tube is for rich people and people who own houses not dorm rooms right

thanks for moving this along though
both, I will be learning acoustic tap and I have been playing electric for three years so its really gonna be equal. thats the problem otherwise I could just grab the best for one and then kinda fake the other but I really will do both pretty equally.
Probably a power mixer would be your best bet.
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