I have 7 SPDT momentary toggle switches.
They are two position on-off and are only $5ea AUS ($3.50 US, $2.70 EUR, $2.10 GBP)
$5 shipping world wide. ($3.50 US, $2.70 EUR, $2.10 GBP)

I'm also selling these Harry Potter Quidditch Trading Cards. It include 64 game cards (griffindor vs slytherin + another unamed blue team)
Im selling these for $15 AUS, which is $10 USD, $8 EUR, $6.50 GBP
$10 shipping world wide ($7 USD, $5.50 EUR, $4.50 GBP)

If you need any more info post below
can i have the harry potter cards?
hahah nah
sounds like youve got some great geaer sorry but im not buying anything
good luck but
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I am also selling 3 PS2 games:
Surfing H3O: Good Condition

Moto X Maniac: Good Condition

American Tail: Excellent Condition

None of the pics are of the actual items, they are internet pictures.
If you are interested, PM me with your email address and I will take a photo of the actual item.

All games are slightly used (An American Tail used once)
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Free bump for you. Tip: Those switches are commonly available everywhere. Here I can get them for like 1,50 dollars

+1. I've been thinking this for a couple of days, but didn't want to **** on your thread but now that it's been done anyway I guess it's also a free bump. -ish.
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