Pretty cool intro.

I can definatly see it being used as an intro/verse in a rock power ballad as long as you switch to an over the top major key progression during the chorus.
Could also be a metallica type thing if you start thrashing after the intro.
Can't say that it's that original or anything , it all depends on what you follow it up with.

crit this plx https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=995904
Hey thanks for the feedback guys, especially the suggestions on how it might be used going forward. As far as not being all that original, eh you're probably right. I'm still fairly new to playing and very new to trying to write anything of my own so I was keeping it simple and I'm sure things I've heard recently probably snuck in there a bit without me realizing it. I may try to clean it up (in the middle when I looped the tune it doesn't really flow well and seems too obvious that it's a loop) and add some more to it to see where it goes. Then again, I may just go in a whole new direction.

And DontStealMusic, thanks a bunch for the compliment and I'm glad you liked. As I was saying, I'm still fairly new to all of this so those kinds of compliments go a long way toward building confidence to keep trying.

As a side note, I think I'm improving a bit. If you listen to the 'sample melody 1' you can see that my first attempts were lacking (that was done a couple of months ago maybe?). Anyway, I'll keep working at it and maybe one day have a real song I can put on here :P
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