Wow! i'm really glad to find a thread for these guys on UG.
These guys are way outside of my normal tastes, but they're one of my favorite bands to kick back to for some good entertainment. If you're looking for some fun, eclectic music, you'll be very pleased. They go from witty to hilarous to totally absurd, and its all weaved in with some great guitar riffs and really interesting sound.
Granted, the vocalist's voice isn't perhaps the most conventional....or pleasing, really, but this isn't a band that's too concerned with convention, obviously.

I'd have never known about them if it weren't for a few of my friends back home that took me to a house show last summer on the fringe of one of the worst neighborhoods in downtown charleston. Only about 15 people could manage to fit into the room and the band was crammed into one corner with only enough outlets for the keyboard and the bass. They still put on one of the most entertaining shows i've ever seen.

I know everyone seems to have a different idea about what defines a band as pop, but i don't think any band willing to put on a gas-money-tip-jar show in that kind of scenario can ever be labelled pop.

Anyways, just felt i had to add my two cents on this band. If you're not a total musical elitist or you enjoy bands that just like to have fun so they can pay the rent, here are some details on these guys:

Ribbons of War- The copy i got from my friends was scratched up pretty bad and a good many of the tracks skipped too much to listen to, but here are some favorites:

"The Captains Overture"
"Seeds of Jealousy"

Short Stories- I like this album a whole lot better than "Ribbons" on the whole. I'm still figuring out the names to some of the songs because i didn't get a chance to write them down when my friend passed me a copy. I made up some of the names on my own, so if you know them, correct me. Otherwise, i think you'll be able to figure out the songs by the names i made up. Again, suggested listening:

"Neighborhood Watch"
"If I Scratch Your Back" (made up name, first line of the song)
"Warehouse Song"
"Just to Hear You Skip" (made up, as close to a love song as this band will come)
"Talking Into Tin Cans" (made up, again, first line of the song)
"Hi Five the Cactus" (this is kind of the band's "single," it's hilarious)