But you may write deeper songs depeneding on your emotions.
For example:
If you are feeling sad/depressed or whatever, you should still be able to write happy songs, but you are not experiencing that emotion so the lyrics/music may not be as deep as realistic as if you were actually happy. It's the same the other way around as well.

Hope this helps
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when you write a song, you usually do nothing, but expressing your emotion in any sort of way... a cheerful song or a love song holds just as much emotion as a sad one. just depends on what you want to write about. e.g. there are so many ****ing love songs and it's been all said 100000000 times, so i'm never going to write a love song!! just do what feels the best to you, that's the most important thing
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is it possible that you can only make songs that reflect your emotion?
as dumb as it may sound i cant make lyrics for a cheery joyful song.
any and all answers appreciated thank you.
Sort of.

Someone skilled can write a song based around an emotion that they're not feeling, like you might know how to write really bright melodies and you might know all the brightest words and imagery.

But for the majority of us, its alot easier to write what we're feeling.

BTW, your problems can be easily fixed by getting more sleep, eating better, getting laid and (if all that doesnt work) seeing a psychologist for *ahem* guidance.