'A 300V electric fountain draws a 20 amp and pumps 10kg of water each second. If each Kg of water changed all of it's kinetic energy into potential energy, how high will it go?'

If you could tell me how to do it, I'd be very much appreciative.

The only formula to do with it I have is 'Potential energy = mass x g x height'
But I don't full understand that

Any help would be great
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Electrical energy = ItV

Potential energy = mgh

Equate the two and you'll get your answer

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Potential energy
--------------------- = Height
mass x g

So u need to work out how many joules of energy is being transferred into the water.

Then divide that amount by 10Kg x 9.8m/s= 98Kg/ms.

Your answer will then be in metres.
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