I am recording song at the moment, but my problem is i dont have a drummer or any way to record drums anyway...i was thinking i could write the drums out in guitar pro and export them to a midi file, but midi drums sound bad compared to real drum, so i was thinking of getting a program that i can import a midi file into and the drum sounds built in to the program will make it sound better...i heard you can do this by downloading a plugin for Cubase, but i dont know where to get one. Am i correct about the cubase thing or is there a program out that will help me???
Let's see... there's a sticky at the top of this forum dedicated entirely to this question. Might want to check that out.
get the program reason, they have reasonable drums and just tweak them. reverb, eq, compression.
thanks for the replies guys, they really helped...by the way i should have drums to my tracks in a week or two, so i also wouldnt mind a few comments or suggestions on how my songs are going..even add's if you really want to.....not self advertising at all.....but any comments about my songs would be great and really help me.....the adress is www.myspace.com/tomakeamartyr thanks for the help once again...