Hey Guys

I got to make a decision - I want to upgrade my gear. Atm I got a Fender Fake which is quite suitable to play but I think the sound is a little bit crappy. Then I got an small Amp, looks like 20*10*10cms ^^ It was a guitarlearning cheap Amp. And I lost my Bose Distorsion Pedal :/

I'm playing guitar for a year now (playing things like A7X, Metallica Solos etc) and got a quite amazing band - without gigs yet. But they will follow soon so I need a new gear xD

I thought I would buy a new Amp first, because my old one really SUCK. Now what Amp should I buy for clubgigs, nice metalcore/blackmetal sound? Price should be about 200-400€

Then later on, I'll need a new guitar and an effect board. I was thinking off something like an IBANEZ GRG170DX-BKN...
Hm no help?

I thought I would buy a Boss GT-10 later on...

But I'm quite lost with the Amp (
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Line 6 Spider III

Disregard that.

Look at a Randall amp.


Perhaps one of those? If my math is correct, 400 euros is about... $600 Canadian? Give or take a few dollars.

You could also take a look at a used Peavey. Perhaps a 6505 combo, though I'm not sure if you'll be able to find that for 400 Euros used.
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