Hey, decided to polish this piece up a bit and see what everybody thinks.
I didn't put in a gp4 format file simply because it sounded awful on it as the RSE isn't very good on 5.0. I was thinking of putting on a vocal track/lyrics (as this piece is supposed to have them to finish it off really) of some kind but I decided just to leave that for now as I'm not the best lyricist so I'll just change it along with any feedback I may get.
Feel free to leave any comments or ideas and I'll be sure to take a look at one of your pieces. Thanks.
Heavy Metal Piece.zip
It's cool but it keeps repeating the same pattern for too long, there's not much variation in the riffs and they bore quickly. When the first riffs are repeated with leads on top of them it sounds cooler.
The little bass solo is good and didn't feel out of place!
The solo is cool, nothing special but effective enough. It tends to drag on a little though... Bar 100 is nice!


grtz and thx for your crit!
yeah i must admit it gets a little boring over time. but the chorus is good. bass solo is great, it has found its perfect place in the song. The guitar leads are catchy enough for a HM metal song. The solo reminds me of Kirk Hammet.but thats absolutely not a problem. so nice music,keep up the effort.

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