Hey I'm thinking about buying an Effects pedal for my guitar, I also want to get into using Synthasizer like sounds encomporated into my guitar playing. I've been playing classic rock for ages and have slowly moved into a more Synthy kinda sound. I just want to know what people think I should buy. I'm thinking pet shop boys mixed with Oasis if that makes sense lol. any idea's or suggestions would be really appreciated, Also I play on a 1999 Deluxe U.S.A Stratocaster sss and a Maton ms500.
for synthy stuff i really like the electroharmonix POG. i would assume the HOG would be great as well, but i havent had a chance to try it. the pog does octaves and slightly de-tuned octaves, which can make your guitar sound extremely full and add a lot of interesting sounds. however, its the filter that really makes the pedal able to make synthy sounds. adding that on top of the octaves can give you some organish sounds and other synthy stuff.

the HOG should be similar but with more options, i would think.