A few days ago I got reccommended to learn the Enter Sandman solo and I started learning it off this tab. --> HERE.

On the third bar down where there is this bit:


I'm really stuck on how to play it, I found an online lesson but they played it different to this tab, they just played the 12 once. So can anyone please help me by doing one of these things:
Explaining on here/ammending tab.
Showing me via youtube.
Sending me a slowed down version of the song.
Telling me of a programme to slow it down [not audacity].

Thanks guys, this'll really help.
Well, when you bend that note on the 15th fret you get the same not you play on the 12th fret of the e string, so you can play it on one string if it is easier for you that way, just bend it first and play the rest of the notes that way while holding bend
you can download it, since it's free, if you cant find it, just say something, I will give you a link or something
Instead of playing


Same notes but on 1 string.
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