Woke up this morning and saw a big fog covering the lake.
Grabbed my guitar and started to jam.
Decided to film this jam for fun.

Since this was the first take right outta bed , there are alot of rythmic mistakes and some really annoying mess ups . REALLY ANNOYING MESS UPS !!!

I definatly like the results and in my opinion this jam is a pretty solid musical idea and could be a song if recomposed. What do you think ?

I'm not looking for technique tips etc. cause as I said , I was barely awake in this vid and it in no way reflects my playing skill.
I do really really want tips on how I could turn this into one solid tune.

PS. I played in DADGBD tuning.

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I think you should reffer to parts saying the 00:00 instead cause as I said before , this was completly random and I didn't really decide what part is what.

I think I know what you're talking about though.
Hey evil_magician, thanks for the input on my little tune. I took a listen to yours and it's very nice. There were some spots where it sounded like the notes weren't ringing out as they should but that could be by design or I could just be hearing it wrong (like around the 3 minute mark there are a few notes that don't sound 'full' and crisp to me). Still very nice though (much better than I could do ) and I thought the composition as a hole was well done.