I might buy a fuzz factory, AND of those if I can find one.
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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IT actually sort of gives me reason to buy like a Microvibe. That beeing known I can still use an expression pedal to control speed.
Wow.... that actually looks like an awesome pedal o.o
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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jeez, just the other day i was trying to figure out the name of that thing, i was even going to post a thread here about it
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I hope its like legit good at it. It could open a whole slew of oppertunities. I knew that it was possible to do shit like this on your own, but now we have a cheap commercially available product by which to use it with. yay