Is this true about the Fostex MR-16HD?

The Good: this baby is easy to use and records clean. The Bad: we filled the 40G hard drive after 24 sessions of priceless Fezz music. The Ugly: surprise! once full--you can't free up the memory--it keeps all deleted tracks as "hidden" files.

I saw this as a review on musicians friend. Even though all the other reviews are good, this review kind of scared me. Does this mean their is no way to erase things from the hard drive? Can't you reformat the drive? I don't think they made it where it is a brick once you fill the hard drive, but I wanted to double check because of this review.
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I never trust the MF reviews unless they have my name on them LOL

I did a review on the MR8 MKII and you can see that on my youtube page (in my sig).
I found the preamp to be quite noisy and yes, the 40G storage space isnt a lot although if needed, you can transfer finished songs or even unmixed tracks to your desktop to gain more storage space. With that in mind you should not have any problem with space. The cheap preamps and other features of these units is something to think about though...

After owning the MKII for a few weeks and learning to use it I would not get another...I am much happier with desktop or laptop based studios (Audio interface).
My cousin did get a Yamaha AW1600 a few months ago and he likes it, I tried it loved it as well. Nice unit, but high in price...