The other day I got a new head (Traynor Custom Special 100) and tried out the exact same one at the guitar store on some random Soldano 2x12 cab before buying the other one.

I then tried it next day (same cab) with some pedals I also ended up getting and the combination was phenomenal, I was so close to getting the sound I was after. I also tried the actual amp I bought on the 4x12 it comes with and got a very similar sound.

Now I take it home and plug it in to my 70's bassman 100 cab and it sounds really...I dunno it lacks the deep bassy sound it had on the other cabs. It also sounds a lot more shrill and trebly. I'm just gonna say it, it makes this head sound like utter crap. Messed up thing is this is a bass cab.

From what I can tell it's a 2x12 but might be a 2x15 (not sure how to measure speakers). If I measure from the mounting thing it's 15 but the actual inside of the speaker is 12. My question is why would it sound like that and what can I do to maybe EQ the amp better?
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There are a lot of different things that can affect the sound you are getting from the speakers in your cabinet, to the size 2x12 vs 4x12, if the cabinet is ported, open back, or closed back, the room you are playing in, and the amount of open space. You could always try to run an eq pedal into your effects loop and try to dial in that sound, but most likely to get the sound you are looking for, you would have to use the equipment you got the sound on.