I want to buy a Peavey Valve King but i dont know which one to get..it will mostly be a practice amp but will also gig with it..is the 212 miles better then the 112 or is it not worth the extra ££££
the 1x12,

im sorry to say that im not a fan of the valveking, but i would take the 1x12 over the 2x12, because it is easier/cheaper to upgrade
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I probably wont be upgrading it so not a problem

you should upgrade it if you get one

the valveking on its own is barely a suitable upgrade from an mg

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

don't listen to that smack. Go to the Valveking thread and listen some of the clips. Most of those clips are stock Valvekings. If you listen to the first 3 clips and still think it is naf..then fair enough.

The 112 should be sufficiant and more manageable for bedroom levels. 20 lbs lighter too.
Yeah, stick with the 112, unless you plan to play to crowds of 500 and up with no PA.

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you should upgrade it if you get one

the valveking on its own is barely a suitable upgrade from an mg

I disagree given that an MG was my first amp. The turnaround was nothing short of f*cking amazing.
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Yeah, I've tried the 212, its VERY loud, so if you're just using it for practicing, I'd say the 112 would be a better choice, since it'll save you some $$$
I'd say 112, It's MUCH lighter (seriously, it has a smaller transformer (most likely, I'm not too sure about this) and 1 fewer speakers, which are heavy.
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