ok im getting a new guitar i already bought a bugera 4x12 cab and head but im getting a new guitar, i have somewhere around $300 and i dont what kind of guitar to get, i play in a punk band if that helps, im not to fond of les pauls either...ty ug
If you play in punk, then you get whatever you feel like. It doesn't matter if its metal, blues, or even semi-hollow jazz. Punk is what you want it to be.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
do you not like les pauls, or the les paul shape?
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les paul shape is nice, i just dont like how so many people play les pauls im one of the people that likes to be unique, thats why im thinking about a jaguar, or a mustang or even a jag-stang (designed by kurt cobain) its more punk-grunge-garage music kinda
its kinda like a mix of the hives,nirvana, and bush is what it sounds like, my friend asked me to join so i did....vocals/guitar
If you can stretch, Epiphone G-400.
If not, Epiphone G-310

I'm telling you though, the G-400 leaves the 310 waaay in the dust, and would make you proud of your Bugera Halfstack!

Maybe it's 'cause I'm sooo GAS'ing for one but Ibanez AFS75. Great deal there!

Demo of Ibanez AFS75
That guitar can do anything!

If it wasn't so damn expensive, a Fender Jaguar HH would be just the thing!

I'm not a big fan of squiers, but the Jagmaster might be worth a look. Here's a demo

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