Recently I bought an adapter piece so that I can record my guitar on my computer. It worked great at first but then randomly there is not buzzing in the back and I can't hear my guitar through my headphones. Before there was no buzzing and when I played I could hear it in my headphones. I have 1 cable going from guitar to amp and one coming from recording to the adapter to my microphone port. Please help me. I also have demos of when it worked good and perfect and now when it doesn't sound as good. Please help me.
I tried but no sound at all came out. And when it was in microphone port everything worked. What can I do?
So you are going from the record out on your amp and to the line or mic in on your stock sound card?

If so, go into the control panel and check the settings to make sure you have the proper inputs and outputs selected.
Also check your sequencer settings to make sure they are good to go.
You should use the blue line in instead of the mic port.

on the other hand, your stock sound card is average just like them all and so most of the ports will sound the same...
A true audio interface would be a wise investment.
Ok so I just plugged it into line in and I can barely hear it when I turn my volume on my amp and the volume on my computer to full. It used to work, and now I really don't know what went wrong.
I just did a system restore and now it works perfectly in the mic port. I really don't know what was wrong but now it works great. Thank you for the help.